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FINAL: kfs3dm1 “Don’t Mess With Hexas” (Q3)

With tomorrow’s deadline for the MapCore 20 Brush Challenge, I’ve wrapped up my entry, a Quake III Deathmatch level called “Don’t Mess With Hexas.”

Giving it the proper kfs3dm1 nomenclature might be overkill for a cheap gimmick map, but as this is my first-ever release of a Quake III level and the first personal work I’ve put online since 2004, I say what the hell, why not?

Textures were created by Matthew “Lunaran” Breit. The skybox is “Stormy Days” by Jochum “Hipshot” Skoglund. Lighting was handled by Matt’s fancy Python script that generates environment lighting based on color values within the sky textures. Fancy. I also stole the name from Matt; after declaring I was considering naming the level “Hexas,” he took it to its logical conclusion of “Don’t Mess With Hexas.” It beats the working title of “Insert Hex Pun Here”

You can download the level here: kfs3dm1.pk3. I’ve also included the source .map file for your viewing pleasure.

Additional shots follow:

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