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Nightwatch Textures

It came to my attention recently that the download link for the Nightwatch textures on FileFront randomly disappeared. I’ve updated the original post with two new download options, a public Dropbox link and a ModDB mirror. If you don’t feel like clicking through, here’s direct links for you:

To see some of these in action, the guys over at the Sven Co-op forums have been doing the most with the textures so far; if you poke around there you can find quite a few maps with their own take on the NW set.

We also ran a Nightwatch-themed challenge over at MapCore back in July; you can view the winners as well as the rest of the entries over there. If you’ve made anything with these textures, I’d love to see it.

Nightwatch Textures: Released!

The following post was originally posted in November 2009 on my ill-fated Blogger page. I’ve brought it over here for archival purposes.

A few weeks back, I received an unexpected e-mail from a fan of an old Half-Life mod by the name of Nightwatch. This was a single player mod I started way back in 2002, a few months before I would strike my largest amateur success with Natural Selection’s ns_eclipse.

I’ve been meaning to partner this release with a postmortem of sorts on the mod’s successes and failures as well as as thorough a “where are they now?” list I can manage, but even after all this time I have a lot to say and this has been held back long enough. So, for anyone out there who might still be fighting the good fight with old Half-Life 1 content, or for anyone who wants to see what we were working with, please enjoy this:

The Nightwatch textures are… finally… released.

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