Hi, I’m Andrew Weldon and I’m a Designer at Bungie in Bellevue, WA. I’ve been working as a professional developer since 2004, with past stints with Raven Software, Gearbox Software, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, and LightBox Interactive. Having come into this line of work by way of the amateur level design community, my heart will always be with level and environment design, a focus you’ll see reflected here. As always, comments here do not represent my current or past employers.

I was born and raised in southeast Nebraska, resulting in an unhealthy obsession with college football and an abundance of spare time. In the early 90s I was introduced to my grandpa’s PC game collection – Wolfenstein 3D, King’s Quest V, Space Quest IV, Dune, and later titles like Myst, Warcraft II, and Diablo – and PC gaming would define my youth. Before long, we had a shiny new computer at home and I began building my own collection with games like X-Wing, Quake, Master of Orion II, and Command & Conquer.

In 1997 I saw a level editor listed on the back of a Quake expansion’s box and was floored with the sudden knowledge that people could make their own levels for games! As soon as I got home, I got online and found Worldcraft 1.5. I’ve been building levels ever since.

Current Project(s):



starhawk singularity  wolfenstein quake4

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