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The Perpetual Testing Initiative

As I’m typing this update, Valve’s Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC for Portal 2 is downloading via Steam. This update brings a slick and simplified level editor to Portal 2 along with Steam Workshop support to easily share and find other puzzles online – the first chambers are already beginning to show up!

Over at MapCore, we’re kicking off the Perpetual Testing Challenge in which designers will have about two weeks to create 1-3 Portal 2 test chambers using only the new editor. In addition to being a great quick and timely challenge (that also buys us some time to prepare for the next more technical challenge), it also provides as level playing field as we’ll probably ever get. 

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FINAL: You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out (Q3)

It’s taken a couple years, a couple layouts, and one hell of a Python script, but… Cubes. They’re done.

Partner-in-cubing Matthew Breit has his in-depth writeup here, with an even longer look at the CubeSpew™ script that created the cubes still to come. I’ve provided my own write-up and screens here.

Man, cubes. Next up will be the release of Starhawk, followed by my personal time going towards koth_roundhouse for TF2 and resurrecting an older, larger version of lun3dm5 as kfs3dm2.

Nightwatch Textures

It came to my attention recently that the download link for the Nightwatch textures on FileFront randomly disappeared. I’ve updated the original post with two new download options, a public Dropbox link and a ModDB mirror. If you don’t feel like clicking through, here’s direct links for you:

To see some of these in action, the guys over at the Sven Co-op forums have been doing the most with the textures so far; if you poke around there you can find quite a few maps with their own take on the NW set.

We also ran a Nightwatch-themed challenge over at MapCore back in July; you can view the winners as well as the rest of the entries over there. If you’ve made anything with these textures, I’d love to see it.