The Cube Challenge: Results

The Cube Challenge results are in over at MapCore – Bender (pictured above) came in second to Minotauro’s HL2DM level, “Zest,” and ahead of Robert Yang’s HL2: Episode 2 level, “Tintern” (both pictured below) It was a close vote at the top between Bender and Zest, but I’m pleased to have such a strong showing having built a map for a game relatively few people own.

The voting this time around allowed members to vote for up to three levels, which I think aided some of the issues we had with voting during the previous challenge. I gave my three votes to Zest, Tintern, and vfig’s level, “Escherish.” The third vote was a tough call with some very closely matched entries, but I had to give the nod to some of the crazy tricks vfig pulled off in his level – many of them similar to the portal tricks I used in Bender.

I definitely recommend checking out as many of the entries as you can within the scope of your game collection.

3 thoughts on “The Cube Challenge: Results

  1. blackdog

    You did a smart choice with Prey, it is arguably the only game that allows for a real complete usage of the measurment constrains. I think Prey had one of the best concepts ever appliable to a multiplayer game, but was ruined by a terrible sp that hindered its chances to have an audience.
    On the others I can’t really judge, having not tried any, but i’ve seen Zest shots on Lanmaniax and don’t like it, feels too cliché and pretestuos plus it isn’t matching its game graphical theme (now this isn’t a challenge constrain i think, but since it’s not conceived for a mod, the original meshes ruin the atmosphere)

  2. Andrew Weldon Post author

    Hey, thanks! …if you even see this 2+ months after the fact.

    I actually really enjoyed Prey’s SP – I think it was the best game on the Doom III engine (though who knows, Prey 2 could still steal that mantle). I don’t think nearly enough games explore the kind of crazy physics-bending movement that’s possible in games. I think any level designer would do themselves a service to play around in the Prey editor – it really forced me to challenge everything I thought I knew about space and flow. 🙂 I might have to make another one someday!

    1. blackdog

      Yeah Andrew, i do my regular visits here and there to see what’s up 😉

      I guess that “best game on [engine of choice]” is a technical matter, my opinion on Prey is based on the enjoyment i had playing it, which was very low. Lousy story with no narrative, AI… non-existent.
      I must say that sounds really cool to shoot upside-down, but in practical wasn’t that funny. I may be too traditionalistic, but i didn’t like most of the weapons, felt too whacky.
      Technically speaking, i dunno, but visually the game looks soo similar to D3 to feel close to a mod to me.


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