WIP: kfs3dm1 (Q3)

We’re running a fun challenge over on MapCore to build a BSP level out of 20 or fewer brushes. I’ve been dabbling off and on for the duration of the challenge, but decided on a whim tonight to scrap my previous layout drafts in favor of this one. Which is definitely The One™. Here’s a quick shot from Radiant:

I’m using some more custom concrete textures from Matt Breit, this time on hexagons instead of cubes. Monolithic floating concrete is more similar in style to lun3dm5 than I originally intended, but I’m still pleased with the result. I’m currently using the old green/orange lun3dm5 sky, but will be swapping it out with a different sky and new lighting before making my final submission on Sunday. I’ll have screens and a more detailed writeup then.

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